Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cal needs a haircut

cal is very angry with his current hairstyle and is hoping for an updated look...

luckily, his mommy knows how to use the clippers... and cal apparently knows how to do the robot, what a talent, on both ends!

yay! a new look!

check it out, ma!
wow, now THAT is a lot of hair!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Calvin celebrates the big 3rd birthday...

We had Calvin's birthday party today, and it was a celebration! We narrowed down the guest list from last year to just family and several of our very closest friends, and of course Cal's best friend from up the street!

at first when we started singing happy birthday, it was okay, but soon enough, cal told us to all stop. He didn't think it was necessary to drag out the singing portion and was looking so forward to the cake and ice cream eating portion of the day!

of course blowing out the candles was pretty cool.
grayson playing with the favors. and then it was time for opening gifts
and play time with cousins!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas morning...

Christmas morning was a very busy day... Santa did indeed make it to the wahl household, which was kind of surprising, beings most of us were not very good all year! (just teasing) But seriously, is the big jolly fellow lowering his standards?!!? only time will tell...

cal got most of the things he had asked for and a little bit more... he wanted geo-trax (check!), a tractor with a pig (check!), coloring or paint supplies (check!), underwear (check!), and cars (check, check!)

He got a power wheels, which he already had trolling the house before I even got home from work, and a remote control jeep, lots of play-doh (YAY!) and some treats in his stocking... plus a new power toothbrush... he loves to brush his teeth now!

a very prosperous morning for the little man

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve is finally here. cal is very excited for what will happen tonight and in the morning. We, of course, being the little family of procrastinators that we are, put off making our cookies until the last possible second, so we spent the evening making cookies for santa and getting the carrots ready for the reindeer...

We decorated the cookies (calvin was the sprinkle-man, now wasn't that grand!) and put out a plate with milk for santa... then it was off to bed.

Then mommy was off to work! (it is crazy to work nights, but it is kind of nice because I swear cal thinks I never go to work, he thinks I am always home for him!)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cal's christmas play

This really is the funniest thing, but it so hard to explain. I wish I could upload the video from calvin's first play, because I am sure it would win some kind of silly little kid award. calvin's preschool class (and the school that it is held in) had a christmas play and cal's class was the animals at the zoo. they were told to dress as some animal, and luckily cal had an old chicken costume that we were able to use. unfortunately, the stage (where they were singing) had two very large big screen TVs as well. well, if you know cal, you know he is intrigued by any TV that he is on, and the bigger the better, as far as he is concerned.

The entire time the kids were on stage, cal was facing the big screens (NOT the audience, as I am sure he was instructed). and when the kids had to make their respective "animal noises" you can hear cal in the background saying (what do you think?) no not bock bock bock, like a chicken, or even cock a doodle doo, like even a rooster... NO...

he would scream "Chicken-a-woo, chicken-a-woo!!! I don't even know where he got this! so funny. in the above pic, you can see cal, as the kids are supposed to be exiting the stage, staring at the big screen with his hands behind his back, admiring himself. He is in the white chicken costume with orange chicken legs

Calvin loves Christmas (trees)

This month has been rather silly, as cal thinks it is his duty to regularly have his picture taken either under or in front of the christmas tree. He will come running to me with the camera and say "take picture of me wit tree, momma..."

After which it is my duty to jump and do exactly as he requests! :)

He has also started to grow quite bossy, which, since he is expecting a younger sibling soon, I think is incredibly appropriate. I always thought my older sister was very bossy too!

crazy loon...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas party...

Cal got to celebrate christmas with his speech class tonight and SANTA was there!!!

We were looking forward to seeing his reaction to talking to santa, since we have been really pumping him up for it this year. You know, the old "Santa is watching" or "better be good or else Santa may skip over you" or "you have to tell Santa what you want or else he may not know what to get you" routine.

Well, it appears to have worked! He sat pretty decently on Santa's lap and told him exactly what he wanted. ("Geo-trax, geo-trax, geo-trax!") Of course, he wouldn't really look him in the eye, but what can I say, that big guy is pretty intimidating! then he got a small gift from santa.
There was also lots of craft projects to partake in, which, if you don't know Calvin, this is one of his favorite past-times... coloring, crafty type activities. So cal was a pretty happy guy!